Sunday, March 07, 2004

Goin to eugene on friday untill sunday.... boys basketball state tourney!

K-Love is gonna own it up...


Friday, March 05, 2004

im at rylands lannin it up...

im a playa im a playa

t-minus 2 weeks untill hawaii

me and kelsey are gonna go bowling tomorrow

then to my dads (he isnt home)

then who knows ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Went to school today... Well kinda.

Came home for lunch, and then just decided I didn’t want to go back. Came home D/L'd like crazy, took a nap, and I just woke up. Ahhhhhhhh. Felt good.

Last night i found out my 1st cousin owns some club / concert place in Seattle. Yellowcard and something corporate are playing there on the second of April, and i scored me and some friends backstage shit. Chris, its gonna be "swoll". Last night at water polo some fag thought he was tough and punched me in the face when the refs weren’t looking... needless to say, i almost killed him at the other end, who knew someone would freak out if they where underwater for a minute! The ref called the other team for not having 6 players on the field when really one was being held under, it was funny as fuck. so then i let him up and the ref kicked me out. Not cool. In the locker room after the game (which we won 12-2) he tried to come after me, but some of his teammates held him back. funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny.

Well.. im out

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

k new song, untill they get some more tech n9ne (heh) im gonna keep changin it.

school sucked... had to act out some shit in english, of course i was the best out of everyone. In health we watched some video on std's.... it was pritty boring until *BAM* some gross ass infected vagina pops up on the screen.. most people screamed n' shit, but i coulent help laughing haha. After school i had detention for getting to school 3 min late.... a worthless 55 min.

Other news:
- dads a fucking jackass i hope he dies (the insurance money is a plus)
- i have a D in history... how homo... 4A's 2B's and a D ARHGGg.
- polo started back up. dogg im just rapin face.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Got some tight ish here now. Heather jokes over (as much fun as it was :-p), but when chicks start freaking out like hella, then i get scurred. haha. Ok, well... cant wait for hawaii, 2 weeks of gay school left. gonna go play some more pool with c-rizzle, l8er.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Tight G. Im goin to Hawaii for spring break, but thank god im pale as fuck. I dont need another ho to fall head over heals for me. Well, im off to do some brodcasting... yea im a playa. ibn.ihigh.com look for "LAKERbrodcasting", click the link and tune in. In the words of c-rizzle, im "swoll." And in the words of that john shaw fruit "f@ggg!!!!" (who is convinced I am obsessed with his girlfriend, even tho I have one of my own?!?!? <3 u kelsss!!)


"place got hit by lightning? FUCK YOU, PAY ME!"

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Whaddup. Yea thats me up there, dont worry, I broke up with her *COUGH* slut *COUGH* (and she has a huge ass zit). Yea whatever im goin to hawaii during spring break, which means... I CAN FIND ANOTER SLUT!! w00t! Her current BF looks like a brown headed shawn white (but with 10x the fag). If you ever see this kids blog, he talks so black it makes you sick. "DOG I LIKE WENT SKATIN TODAY WIT SOMOTHER KREWS AND WE HIT SOME SHIT DOG IT WAS SICK AS DANK BITCHHHH". I dont even think sick is a good word, fatally disgusted sounds better. Well, im gonna go wank off.

-Teh Overload

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